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Title: Comparative Analysis of Plastic Flow and Grain Refinement in Pure Aluminium Subjected to Simple Shear-Based Severe Plastic Deformation Processing
Authors: Orlov Dmitry
Todaka Yoshikazu
Umemoto Minoru
Beygelzimer Y
Tsuji Nobuhiro
Keywords: twist extrusion
High purity aluminium
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Materials Transactions
Series/Report no.: SCOPUS, IF = 0.82;Vol. 53, No. 1 pp. 17 to 25
Abstract: In the present work, effects of loading scheme and strain reversal on structure and hardness evolution have been studied by using high pressure torsion (HPT) and twist extrusion (TE) techniques. High purity aluminium (99.99%) was processed at room temperature up to a maximum total equivalent strain of .max μ 8 by TE, and HPT in monotonic and reversal deformation modes with strain increment ¦.max = 1. Minimum subgrain sizes reached in this study were 1.6μm for TE and 1.1μm for HPT. It was revealed that microstructural change with straining was a common consequence of severe plastic deformation (SPD) processing and was not affected significantly by the loading scheme. Among the SPD methods used in this study, HPT in monotonic regime produced the smallest grain size, while the most homogeneous microstructure was obtained by TE due to specific vortex-like flow field imposed by the tool geometry.
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