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Other Titles: Rating of noise stability of messaging with the help of variant of analogue coding.
Authors: Бронников, И.П.
Штепа, А.А.
Поддубняк, В.И.
Bronnikov, V. N.
Poddubnyak, V. I.
Shtepa, A. A.
Keywords: message passing
coding surveyed
noise stability
оценка помехоустойчивости
аналог кодирования
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: ДонНТУ
Citation: Наукові праці Донецького національного технічного університету. Серія: “Обчислювальна техніка та автоматизація”. Випуск 38 — Донецьк: ДонНТУ, 2002
Description: The method of message passing with the help of analogue coding surveyed. In his bottom - usage of the operation, widely known in programming, of addition module of positive number of real numbers instead of the operation of addition module two numbers 0 and 1 at definition of test and code values (characters) in algorithms of coding and decoding, and also usage of test relations as separate doubling transmission channels of sampling (coefficients of decomposition of the message) with subsequent integration of obtained in such a way estimations of sampling in weighted under the least squares method to the total. Is shown, thai usage of this method allows effectively to boost noise stability in comparison with known main his
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