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Title: Pennsylvanian Source Rocks from the Donets Basin (Ukraine)
Authors: Privalov, V.A.
Izart, A
Sachsenhofer, R.F.
Antsiferov, V.A.
Panova, E.A.
Issue Date: 13-Jun-2005
Publisher: 67th EAGE Conference & Exhibition
Series/Report no.: Exploration Case History 1;
Abstract: P235 PENNSYLVANIAN SOURCE ROCKS FROM THE DONETS BASIN (UKRAINE) Summary 1 Petrographical and geochemical methods were applied to characterise source rocks from the Donets basin (Ukraine/Russia) which contains one of the major coal fields in the world and significant methane resource. Studied coal samples are oil and gas prone meanwhile clastic host rocks (mostly lacustrine siltstones marine and deltaic claystones) have only a gas potential and these source rocks have contributed to the presence of thermogenic gas (methane) hydrocarbon system. Productive and prospective reservoirs include a number of fractured sandstones as well as coalbed methane reservoirs. Source rocks were diverse ...
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